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(vid) Jerkwolf and the Midnight Kid | Derek/Stiles

Jerkwolf and the Midnight Kid
by: [personal profile] josie
fandom: Teen Wolf
pairing: Derek/Stiles
format: mp4, avi
length: 4:02 mins
song/artist: Bones, The Killers
summary: If Sterek was the show... a 50's/60's-ish retro style show! Commissioned by [personal profile] jb_slasher!

(vimeo password: wolfboy)

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download (mediafire)

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+ AO3

This is sort of exactly what I thought the show would be before I actually watched it. I had no idea Scott existed. I just thought it was a show about a grumpy werewolf and his enthusiastic human companion fighting supernatural crime and snarking at each other with burning UST. Well, it's not that far off. Anyhow, I love you Scott, but you are not in my campy, sterek, maybeland vid.

Boring technical stuff: While I had a lot of fun with making it, this vid was actually done over 2 months ago! Unfortunately my computer's been struggling to render high quality formats and the rendering of this one had to be delayed /o\ No more vidding for a while, I'm afraid, the ol' PC simply can't handle it. (Because my PC is kind of shit)

Fun technical stuff!: The look was a lot of fun to play with! I ended up tweaking some things the last week before the final rendering - the vid was originally black and white with accents of red (I left the overlay of the edited alpha eyes, but you can't tell they were edited as much now). The black and white was kind of limiting, so I decided I wanted it in that colourful retro style. There's only one manipped scene and it's super quick but I still like it, and Lupin makes a guest appearance!

Thank you for commissioning me, [personal profile] jb_slasher! I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you like it :)!

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Tags: !commissioned, !fanvid, fandom: teen wolf, pairing: derek/stiles
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